Viva la Vita candle 200 gr white

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Strong, passionate, sweet and mysterious the essence of strawberry red which, like Frida, with her motto "Viva la Vida!" reminds us to always toast to life.

Artisanal candles, hand cast, 100% soy wax, mixed with precious essences present in high percentage to guarantee an optimal diffusion of the fragrance. The wick is in natural cotton and the stopper in beech wood.

The glass vase, satin white, like the box, both decorated with the original SENSI graphics, transform our candles into objects with a unique design and totally Made in Italy.

A fine fruity red wine that combines with juicy strawberries, they are the soul of this very special, sweet and energetic fragrance.

Duration: 60 hours

Weight: 200 gr - pure soy wax.